Design Your Knowledge Mobilization Plan for the SDGs


Hikma Masterclass

[May/June 2024]


Your research matters. Save time, discover opportunities, and connect with funders who share your values.

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You have the passion and the expertise. So why is getting funded so hard?


Finding the time

You're swamped. We get it. Throwing your hat in ring after ring is exhausting, and it's hard to tell which proposals are a good use of your time. We'll help you design a funding strategy that works for your schedule and dovetails with your research plans.


Playing the game

Many applicants treat grant applications as a code that must be cracked. In reality, the most irresistible proposals speak your truth in terms that resonate with your reviewer. We'll show you how to identify funders that want to support the things you care about.


Telling the story

Explaining the high level is hard from the weeds. We'll help you shift your perspective and identify the points of connection between your work and funder priorities so that you can craft accessible, rigorous and authentic research narratives.

Design your 2023 Funding Strategy

Position Your Work for the Right Funders

Craft Winning Proposals

Through this masterclass, you will map out a funding strategy that will save you time, build our your professional network, and prioritize opportunities so that you can focus on doing great research.

Learn, plan, and take action during this interactive virtual masterclass. We'll give you a framework to get your bearings, targeted strategies to set yourself up for success, and exercises that you will complete in real time to start your next steps before you leave the room.

During the masterclass, you will:

  • Map out your funding strategy for 2023
  • Identify key messages to highlight in your proposals
  • Discover funders who share your interests
  • Break down your next proposal into manageable parts
  • Draft the first sentence of your next lay summary

After the masterclass, you will be invited to schedule a one-hour feedback session with lead facilitator Dr. Erica Machulak to sharpen your funding strategy, clarify your key messages, and set the direction for your next grant proposal.

About the Facilitator

Erica Machulak (she/her), PhD, is the Founder and Lead Facilitator of Hikma, a social impact startup with a mission to mobilize scholarship for the public good through consulting, capacity building, and storytelling. Over the past two years, Hikma clients have secured $6M+ in research funding, informed new policies, and published their work in media outlets such as Forbes and the CBC.

As a writer, editor, and facilitator, Erica believes that the world needs to hear more from people who resist easy answers. Since completing her dissertation on Arabic influences in medieval English literature, Erica has written articles for Inside Higher Ed, Intellect Ltd, and Humanities, the magazine of the National Endowment for the Humanities. She holds degrees from the University of Pennsylvania (BA), the University of Oxford (MSt.), and the University of Notre Dame (PhD).

"Erica presented a webinar for our members on how to hook your audience and it was very well received. Participants rated it a 10 out of 10, with comments such as 'A great resource for clarifying audience. I'm so glad the presenter gave us strategies and tools for this important aspect of writing! Thank you! and 'I've enjoyed TAA webinars, but this one was the most valuable to me, even after publishing a few books and 13 editions of one of them.' Thanks Erica!"

Kim Pawlak
Director of Publishing Operations, Textbook and Academic Authors Association