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Two turtles wearing glasses swim towards a magnifying glass to look at different coloured pieces of microplastics.


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What We Do

Our startup exists to drive rigorous change across academic fields and contexts of practice. We offer tailored consulting services for public scholars and social sector leaders as well as training and capacity development for organizations and teams.

We work with scholars, social sector leaders, research teams, and institutions to design intentional projects, communicate complex ideas, and build partnerships. Among many other activities, our clients advance microplastics policies, build pandemic resilience in the long-term care sector, and develop arts-based practices for survivor testimony collection.

With our support, clients have informed public policy, produced podcasts, published media articles, and attracted over $5M in funding for public scholarship and programming. 

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Our Theory of Change

Do the Deep Work

Public scholarship is inherently contextual, and every project moves forward on a timeline and trajectory specific to the relationships, objectives, and nature of the project. We offer responsive services that deliver the things our clients need most as challenges and opportunities arise.

Learn Fast

Our clients trust us with their partnerships and tell us what they need to thrive. Working across projects enables us to design new solutions, gather feedback, refine our approach, and deliver better services.

Share Knowledge

We make learnings accessible through training and storytelling. Participants in our programs learn and apply core competencies for growth as scholars and professionals. Our podcast and blog invite agents of change to share their stories, perspectives, and advice.

Build a Better System

Many of the most effective public scholars have advanced their work by challenging structures that weren’t built for them. Through the Hikma Collective, we are creating a space and resources for members to test ideas, build capacity, and affirm shared experiences.

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