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Charlotte Schallié

Professor and Department Chair

Germanic and Slavic Studies, University of Victoria

"Hikma creates the alchemy for the project to work!"

Farinaz Havaei

Assistant Professor

School of Nursing, University of British Columbia

“Erica Machulak is the only person I know where garbage in is NOT garbage out! I have had the pleasure of working with her two times over the past three years, and every time Erica’s contribution to my success has been extremely impressive... My program of research integrates complex conceptual frameworks with advanced research methodologies and extensive partnership development, and in both applications, Erica helped me articulate a comprehensive research narrative that beautifully captured all components of my research program. Not only did Erica help with the improvement of the writing itself, but she also provided consultations to clarify ideas and frame them strategically.”

Kim Pawlak

Director of Publishing and Operations

Textbook and Academic Authors Association

"Erica presented a webinar for our members on how to hook your audience and it was very well received. Participants rated it a 10 out of 10, with comments such as 'A great resource for clarifying audience. I'm so glad the presenter gave us strategies and tools for this important aspect of writing! Thank you! and 'I've enjoyed TAA webinars, but this one was the most valuable to me, even after publishing a few books and 13 editions of one of them.' Thanks Erica!"

Stacy Hartman

Director of the PublicsLab

Graduate Center, City University New York

 "I've had the pleasure of working with Erica in multiple capacities but most often in her role as facilitator. She has facilitated several class sessions for graduate students, and I have found her generative questions workshop to be especially useful. Not only does it help students become more comfortable with the sorts of questions they need to ask in informational interviews, it also deepens students' connections with each other –– especially important in an all-Zoom environment! Both times, I've wished that we had done the exercise sooner, as I felt like it really benefited the class as a whole. Erica is a remarkable facilitator and an extremely thoughtful interlocutor."

T.S. Krishnan

Independent Researcher

Ethnography, E-Waste, Supply Chain


"Erica has assisted me in distilling a complex research project into a format that is understandable to non-specialists. Erica was really helpful in breaking down and re-organizing the complex project into a form that communicates key ideas effectively and convincingly. Erica's approach is what I'd term first principles thinking. I wish Erica was a member of my doctoral dissertation committee!"

Mary Chapman

Academic Director

Public Humanities Hub, University of British Columbia

"I've worked with Erica for over three years, in her roles at Hikma Strategies, UBC's Knowledge Exchange Unit, and UBC's SPARC office. She gives terrific advice about grant applications, is an effective oral and written communicator, and a tactful and inspired facilitator. Her goal is always to help researchers be the best that they can be!"

M. V. Ramana

Director of the Liu Institute for Global Issues

University of British Columbia

"As someone who had put in my years at trying to translate my research into more publicly accessible outputs, I had gone into the workshop presuming that there wouldn’t be much to learn. To my pleasant surprise, I was wrong... Erica proved to be a great facilitator, posing probing questions, requesting people to develop concrete plans for positive change that could be discussed with peers from a range of disciplines and improved."

Deeptee Jain

Orthopaedic Spine Surgeon

Washington University, St. Louis

"I have known Erica for over two decades and over that time, she has demonstrated time and time again that she is a terrific writer. She has helped me refine a wide range of writings from essays on application forms, to op-eds, to research papers. She has a remarkable ability to understand my intentions and to transform those thoughts on paper. It is almost like she can read my mind. She furthermore holds herself to the highest professional standards. She is always reliable - she responds to communications in a timely manner and always delivers on a prespecified date. She is friendly and easy to work with. I would highly recommend hiring Erica for any writing needs."

Edward Amezquita

UX Researcher 

"Hikma Office Hours was extremely helpful!! 

I am a researcher joining the field of UX research and my journey has been difficult. This event was the perfect bridge to aid my arduous path. The speakers and facilitators answered all of my questions and helped me translate my academic skills. This close-knit group showed me the importance of a diverse community. I plan on attending many more events and I hope to see others there as well. 

Thank you, Erica and team!"

Heidi Cephus

Researcher, Educator, Lifelong Learner 

"I've enjoyed getting to know and work with Erica over the past year. Her ability to actively listen and engage makes her an excellent facilitator. She is passionate about working with and helping PhDs find and create meaningful work. And, she is generous with her time. Most impressively, Erica has the ability to reframe concepts, experiences, and ideas in new and interesting ways. For instance, she recently hosted an Office Hours session which brought together psychologists, humanists, and computer scientists to talk about UX research. Her approach consistently focused on potential rather than on limitations."

Loretta Li


Civil Engineering, University of British Columbia 

"We retained Erica and the Hikma team to work with our Microplastics Research Cluster over the course of a year, supporting us with a wide range of grant development, capacity building, and knowledge mobilization projects. As a facilitator, Erica helped our cross-disciplinary group build consensus and move partnerships forward. The podcast series, infographic, and other materials that her team has developed are rigourous and accessible. Hikma has helped us build the foundations to develop new collaborations well into the future!"

Chris Tenove

Director (interim)

Centre for the Study of Democratic Institutions

“Erica, you showed up like the calvary come over the hill, when we really needed a fresh pair of eyes and firm editing hand.

I’m amazed it came together at all, let alone the impressive proposal and set of collaborators that we submitted in the end."

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