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Crowdsourced Resources for Stepping Beyond the Academy

Dec 15, 2022
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How do we create learning communities that offer participants the agency to thrive? This is one of the core questions we’ve been exploring with our research partners at the University of British Columbia through Beyond the Academy: Professional Agency and Learning in Virtual Contexts

In August 2022, Hikma co-facilitated a virtual dialogue at which our research partners, Dr. Jillianne Code and Dr. Andrea Webb, shared emerging insights from their quantitative and qualitative work and invited feedback on how best to translate these findings into tools and resources. 

Through this process, PhD alumni, grad students, scholars, professional society representatives, and higher ed leaders from the US and Canada shared an expansive list of links that they have found most helpful in supporting graduate students and reimagining the future of scholarship. 

In this post, we’ve synthesized the list of resources crowdsourced from those who joined our dialogue. We are grateful that you joined us and look forward to continuing the conversation.


Guidelines, Groups, and Collections:


Graduate Programs and Initiatives:


Conferences and Forums:


To learn more about this study, and watch a replay of the virtual dialogue, visit


“Beyond the Academy: Professional Agency and Learning in Virtual Contexts” is a research partnership between Hikma and the University of British Columbia funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC). 

Research Team: Dr. Jillianne Code (Principal Investigator, UBC), Dr. Andrea Webb (Co-Investigator, UBC), Dr. Erica Machulak (Co-Investigator, Hikma), Kieran Forde (Research Assistant, UBC).


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