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Hikma Collective Podcast: Season One

The Art of Alternatives

Season 1 Trailer

Sneak preview of our first-ever season, the Art of Alternatives. Throughout this season, you’ll hear conversations with higher ed administrators, startup founders, and social sector leaders about the creative power of ‘in-betweenness’ and the many different pathways through which ideas take shape, travel and thrive.

"The odds are really good that it's going to be OK"

Season 1, Episode 1

A conversation with Stacy Hartman about curiosity, mentorship, and how to ace your LinkedIn profile. Listen in for some great stories, actionable tips, and insightful words of encouragement.

Finding the Story

Season 1, Episode 2

A conversation with Crystal Moten about storytelling, authenticity, and the realities of pursuing a career that sustains you intellectually, emotionally, and financially.

The Languages of Innovation

Season 1, Episode 3

A conversation with Aaron Mitchell Finegold about entrepreneurship, social media culture, and taking the long view in your career path.

You Can Check More Than One Box

Season 1, Episode 4

A conversation with Nadia Sasso about being an unconventional scholar, what it means to have an entrepreneurial spirit, and how to ask for what you deserve

The Questions You Ask Determine the Results You Get

Season 1, Episode 5

A conversation with JP Baker about asking the right questions, organizational structures, and scarcity vs. abundance thinking.

"There's Not Really a Ton of Secrets"

Season 1, Episode 6

A conversation with Bill Neill about building relationships, keeping your work in perspective, opportunities in the tech sector, and what we mean when we say "coding."

At Hikma, we are committed to supporting emerging scholars and practitioners through our internships, made possible with the generous support of our partners and funders. The following organizations have supported this podcast by funding past and present members of the Hikma team. We thank them for their investment in creative, outstanding people who have enriched and amplified our work.